(Yes, it's intentional. We know the phrase is 'a wasted opportunity' but we went for the twist)

We chatted to the self proclaimed 'Maggot girl' of waste, Olympia Yarger, the CEO and founder of Goterra.

Here are some of the key messages:

  • There is a big difference between waste and wasted
  • Build sustainable, profitable businesses that have a good impact.
  • Build it step by step. For Goterra it was insects reproducing, then a shelf sized version, then a full unit with automation.
  • There is greenwashing, but there is more than enough people and customers who really care.

We also got Zoom crashed by a dancer. It doesn't show up on the video... but you hear our laughter.

Big thanks to Olympia for sharing so much and pursuing the vision.



Event details (Finished)


Waste is a big problem and a bigger opportunity.

  • Friday August 27
  • 1pm
  • Via Zoom (provided after registration)

Tons of waste dumped globally this year:

We have a fireside chat via Zoom with Olympia Yarger, CEO of Goterra who is one of the companies working to address this.


  1. Intro and background
  2. Fireside chat
  3. Q&A from the audience
  4. Share your own waste startup intro.

Photo by Jasmin Sessler on Unsplash

Sep 1, 2021

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