Vyro is a virtual car dealership which provides tools, advice and easy to access information about Electric Vehicles, making the purchase of an EV more accessible to Australians. They are a proud sponsor of the 2022 Climate Tech Industry Report, and we sat down with Co-founder Will Wise to chat about Vyro's impact in climate tech and the world of transport and mobility:


"Transport is Australia’s third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions and the country’s per capita transport emissions are 45% higher than the OECD average. A recent study by the Electric Vehicle Council of Australia found that 54% of Australians were considering an electric vehicle for their next car purcnd yet, despite our pledges to tackle climate change and our country’s transport emissions, Australia’s adoption of zero-emission vehicles is miles behind the rest of the world. Something needs to change. So, we’re helping to drive that change.

At Vyro, our mission is to put electric vehicles in reach of every Australian. In early 2022, we launched the country’s first virtual dealership, which makes buying an electric vehicle (EV) easy, seamless and more affordable. With a direct-to-consumer model, we’re addressing the three key challenges to the adoption of electric cars: education, supply of vehicles and the upfront cost.

Electric vehicles are a new piece of technology for most Australians. Which means there’s a few new things to learn. At Vyro, we’re going one step further than a traditional dealership and giving our customers transparency and control. On our site we host a large collection of tools, articles, guides and industry updates, to ensure we’re educating our customers to buy the right electric vehicle for them and their lifestyle.

Our virtual platform then allows our customers to trade in their fuel-powered vehicle, compare and purchase an electric car, bundle together with insurance, carbon-neutral energy and a smart home charger, and cover any costs with the country’s first innovative 0% interest* finance product, powered by our partners at Plenti*. Our seamless digital shopping experience allows you to do it all, from the comfort of your own home.

Prior to the latest spike in petrol prices, a survey by the Electric Vehicle Council of Australia found that 54% of Australians were considering an electric vehicle for their next car purchaseTo date, we’ve seen that the demand for electric vehicles is strong in Australia, with emission-free driving and the cost savings at the forefront of every customer’s mind.

The challenges now are the lack of vehicle supply, and the limited charging infrastructure in regional Australia. Europe has superior emissions standards, which means carmakers prioritise sending their vehicles there during the current supply shortages that we’re all experiencing. The Australian federal government has put some incentives in place to get more vehicles into the country, but we need to bring in similar emissions standards, so that overseas carmakers can prioritise our country’s orders.

Looking at the infrastructure, more is needed to be done to close the ‚Äėgaps‚Äô in the current charging network. The Labor government has pledged to spend $39.3 million on a network expansion; with additional fast chargers to be rolled out at 150-kilometre intervals along major highways, including those crossing large sections of remote and regional Australia. This will help to bridge the gap between urban, rural and regional Australia, and encourage uptake of electric vehicles across the country.

It’s obvious to the automotive industry that the days of car dealerships are numbered. Consumers are sick of misleading car finance and spending their weekends trawling through car yards, haggling to get the best price. The team at Vyro believes it’s time for a smooth, 100% digital, electric vehicle buying journey, with affordability and transparency at the forefront of every sale. If we can accelerate Australia’s uptake of electric vehicles by making them more affordable and easier to buy, then in turn, we’ll decrease the country’s carbon emissions and our reliance on fossil fuels."


Will Wise, Co-founder and CEO of Vyro


Access the 2022 Climate Tech Industry Report here: https://lnkd.in/dC8s-x_E

‚ÄćAnd don't miss out on tickets to our QLD Climate Tech Showcase: https://lnkd.in/dBbQMZ6u


Article Sources

1. Transport is Australia’s third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions (96MtCOe per year, 17% of total emissions) Australia Government 2017a.

2. IEA 2016.

3. Electric Vehicle Council of Australia 2021 report.

*Plenti is an award-winning fintech lender offering fairer, faster car, renewable energy, and personal loans. Our mission is to build Australia's best lender, helping people to bring their big ideas to life. Finance provided by Perpetual Corporate Trust Limited ABN 99 000 341 533 as custodian for the Plenti Lending Platform, to approved applicants. Plenti's credit assessment, eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply. Fees and charges may apply for late or missed payments. View the Target Market Determination for the product here.


Cover Photo by Oxana Melis on Unsplash

Jul 19, 2022

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