We are excited to invite you to our inaugural Climate Salad event! This event is designed for climate tech founders and their teams, investors, advisors, and scientists and researchers in the climate tech space.

Grab your tickets here! 

When: Thursday, 9 December, 2021

Time: 4:15pm for a 4:30pm start, finish at 8:30pm

Venue: Fishburners Sydney, Level 2, 11-31 York Street, Sydney


  1. Guest speakers: Sarah Nolet of Tenacious Ventures and Patrick Brothers of Holon IQ
  2. Quick pitches from climate tech companies
  3. 2021 Climate Tech Awards including Newcomer Award, Growth Award and Investor Award
  4. Drinks, canapes and networking with the burgeoning climate tech community
Sarah Wilson, bestselling author, climate activist and minimalist


Sarah Nolet
General Partner at Tenacious Ventures -
Topic: What can we expect from climate tech in 2022


Patrick Brothers
Co-CEO of HolonIQ
Topic: Insights for Australia and New Zealand from COP26 and the Climate Tech 1,000


2021 Climate Tech Awards

Who's being doing great work in Climate Tech in 2021. Categories include:

  • Climate Tech Newcomer - brought to you by Investible
  • Climate Tech Impact - brought to you by AWS
  • Climate Tech Mentor
  • Climate Tech Investor
  • Climate Tech Community Contribution - brought to you by Canva
  • Woman in Climate Tech


After the formalities, we can all relax with some drinks, canapés and merriment. Meet lots of good people in climate tech and make some new connections for 2022.

Bonus Membership!

The cost of your ticket includes full membership to the Climate Salad community for the whole of 2022!

This membership includes:

  1. Be a part of a community of 100s of climate tech founders, team members, scientists, advocates, and investors.
  2. Get invited to member-only events including industry experts, scientists, and investors.
  3. Get included on the member-only newsletter
  4. Get your content into posts, videos, and social media
  5. Add yourself and your company to the directories of climate tech companies, investors or ecosystem supporters
  6. Global connectors in climate tech and customer growth to New Energy Nexus, Climate Tech VC and My Climate Journey

Extra value for Founders:

  1. Join a private slack workplace just for climate tech founders
  2. Share your journey and learn from other founders
  3. Each founder is invited into a pod with 5-7 other founders to treat as a closer cohort and for occasional catch ups
  4. Specific channels on growth (getting customers), talent (hiring team) and capital (raising money) with experienced mentors supporting each area
  5. Global connectors in climate tech and customer growth
  6. Daily news and content from around the world from experts, climate scientists and investors
  7. Access to founder only private workshops, events, and content

Extra value for Corporates and Service Providers:

  1. Be included on our corporate and service provider directory on the website
  2. Be recommended to our climate tech founders
  3. Be invited to our member only events
  4. Be included in occasional email newsletters

We look forward to seeing you there!


We formed Climate Salad with a vision to accelerate climate action with technology. We do this by helping climate tech companies grow with customers, talent, resources and investment by building a supportive community.  Most of our members have joined to be part of the community of practice lifting the bar of what it means to create a climate solution with technology. As one of our members said "if one company succeeds, we all do, I share that success. It's in my best interest to see the whole community do well". 


Oct 27, 2021

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