You may know Jared Ingersoll, from his previous role as Head of Sustainability at Canva, we're thrilled to announce Jared as our latest team member to lead the charge for our Climate Tech festival on December 7 in Sydney.


Jared, what inspired you to jump in at Climate Salad? 

  • What drives me is understanding the urgent need for climate action. What inspires me are the incredible creative opportunities and that led me to Climate Salad, a really exciting community of tangible, scalable solutions that exist within our community.

What are you working on at Climate Salad? 

  • Delivering a fun, exciting and impact Climate Tech festival at the end of the year is a big chunk presently, building on partnerships and developing exciting new projects that will empower rapid transition to an exciting future

What would you say are your super powers? 

  • I am extremely passionate about embedding culture into solutions. I have worked across a diverse range of industries in my career and am particularly good at simplifying strategies and creating clarity to complex problems.

What excites you most about Climate Tech? 

  • The creative and exciting solutions that are being created! The next 2 years will determine the next decade, the next decade will determine our children's future. Working in Climate Tech is not only exciting for all the ‚Äėjobs & growth‚Äô reasons but to do it in a truly sustainable¬†

How do you take your coffee? 

  • Preferably unrushed & seated in a cafe, otherwise in a keep cup ;-)
Jared with his splitboard


What do you do for fun on the weekends? 

  • I find joy being with my sons, immersing myself in nature and at the bottom of a¬† well made gin & tonic! I love hiking in the summer and backcountry touring in the winter (I love my splitboard & snow camping!) . I am a BIG music fan (periodically put on heavy metal events) and love cooking while consuming podcasts & audiobooks. I also enjoy thinking about how to undo the harm of colonialism, celebrating traditional knowledges, smashing the patriarchy and daydream about a world removed from overconsumption‚Ķ you know, normal stuff.¬†¬†
Jared hiking in the heat

What do you do to help our Climate apart from all the amazing work you do at Climate Salad? 

  • I sit on the board of a foundation which drives a diverse range of projects through an ecosystem of social & environmental impact enterprises. We work very closely with traditional owners and first nations people. Two of our most recent and super exciting projects involve rapidly scaling up our EV conversions workshop on Mungalla Station & deploying our off grid housing to a network of traditional land owners Australia wide while¬† connecting it all with renewable generation. It‚Äôs a big goal but we want to decarbonise and empower the most vulnerable communities in Australia!


Sep 8, 2022

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