Organisations globally are recognising the importance of managing their exposure and contributions to climate change. This is being driven by regulation, emerging climate management frameworks, investor demands, as well as consumer demand and preferences. 

As a result, transparently and robustly reporting on climate management is now extremely important to ensure that organisations are responding to pressures in a way which avoids greenwashing.  

For start-ups seeking to raise funds to grow and expand ‚Äď reporting on and seeking to minimise carbon emissions from operations can be the differentiating factor in securing funding, accessing grants and growing a solid customer base. This is because organisations which are already managing climate issues, are going to be able to withstand the developing regulation, policies and market demands.

Climate tech is an emerging industry but is already indicating that the ability to articulate impacts is growing in importance.  Data from the report indicates that  only 28% of companies were able to list their climate impact since founding, yet 50.3% are able to supply climate metrics for 2030. Being able to measure and report on climate metrics is a consistent challenge for organisations however there is hope that the climate tech sector will be able to support some organisations to understand and report on their climate impacts.

The KPMG High Growth Ventures team can support organisations looking to manage their carbon emissions. We can provide advice to have a robust and credible approach that avoids greenwashing and is natural in any new and evolving space. We take great pride in helping our clients build trust around measuring their climate impacts.


Amanda Price, partner KPMG Enterprise
Co-lead Transactions and Ventures

Bio: Amanda leads the High Growth Ventures team to support high growth businesses and address their core needs of accessing capital, customers and global networks within KPMG. With over 15 years experience in the global startup ecosystem, Amanda has leveraged her expertise and connections to build a unique and market leading KPMG startup practice focused on helping Founders manifest their potential, the potential of their team and the potential of their business.

Amanda brings unwavering commitment to help home-grown companies scale internationally, backed by years of experience doing exactly that. Amanda believes that the health of the founder is as important as the health of the startup and High Growth Ventures facilitates programs to help founders and their management teams achieve sustained high performance.

Access the 2022 Climate Tech Industry Report here:

‚ÄćAnd don't miss out on tickets to our QLD Climate Tech Showcase:

Cover Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Aug 2, 2022

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