Steribright has created a distributed hardware/software platform that accurately tracks occupants and air quality in the built environment and integrates with building systems to manage air quality, air delivery & surface disinfection on a per occupant basis.  

This translates to. 

  • Healthy and more productive indoor spaces with reduced sick days and increased staff confidence. 
  • Increased building efficiency which improves ratings like Greenstar Performance and Nabers in turn increasing rental yield and asset value.
  • Real-time data on space utilization, personnel locations, occupancy counts, and air quality enabling better decision making. 

Customer Focus  

Steribright focuses on customers with large portfolios of commercial real estate that need to balance the comfort and health of their occupants with achieving their net-zero goals, our approach to solving these problems empowers these organizations to adopt our technology essentially for free once the asset value and rent green premiums are considered.  

The product combines direct hardware sales with an ongoing SaaS subscription and proprietary consumables to ensure on going performance over its 10-year life.  


Our primary current challenge is taking a function prototype into mass manufacturing and streamlining our deployment strategy.  Our secondary challenge is educating our clients on the less tangible health benefits of using UV-C for disinfection rather than chemicals that pollute the environment and promote antimicrobial resistance.  


Steribright will lower operational energy consumption in large buildings by an estimated 20% and increase productivity through higher amenity and lower sickness-based absenteeism.  With low impact non-disruptive installation Steribright is perfectly placed to immediately address the majority of the market that is already built and occupied.  

CEO, Robert de Burgh-Day

Team: Robert de Burgh-Day – CEO, Errol Murrey – CTO, Peter Moncrieff – CIO, Kristian Jenkins – COO & 5 amazing human in our engineering team.  

Product: Steribright systems: Hardware and software to manage air movement, surface and aerosol disinfection on a per occupant basis.

Market: Commercial real-estate, health, education & transport.  

Momentum: After 2.5 years in development with several live trial sites deployed, 5 FTE engineers & 3 provisional patents.

We have $1M pipeline projects and manufacturing expected to commence Q3 2023.

Impact: Steribright significantly lowers overall energy consumption in the spaces where we are installed while also protecting people from harmful pathogens and pollutants drastically decreasing infection risk and increasing productivity.  

Company Name: Steribright Pty Ltd  

Themes: Climate Tech, Property, IoT, Health Tech

Summary: Steribright is designed around efficiency, work in the form of energy should be applied where and when its needed and the decisions around this usage should be based on real-time accurate data.  

Product stage: TRL-8 with several large-scale pilots coming online.

Founder: Robert de Burgh-Day, Errol Murry, Peter Moncrieff, Kristian Jenkins

Capital raising: $2.5M round currently open.

Company mission: To lower carbon footprints and increase health and productivity in the built environment.

Apr 28, 2023

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