For founders interested in taking their company to the world, this is the fireside chat and deep-dive Q&A you do not want to miss. John Wood shares his insights into going global and answering your burning questions.

Shown over a career establishing global businesses in emerging technology markets including cleantech and now climate tech, John Wood has used deep relationship building skills to engage, influence and bring together stakeholders at all stages of commercialisation, from fundraising (public and private) to strategy, global operational mobilisation, partnerships, customer commitments and breakthrough project execution.

John now dedicates his time to give back and invest in solutions for the planet, using investment as a force for good, he founded Noab Ventures.

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Thursday 11, November at 1pm AEDT

John Wood of Noab Ventures

Key successes include scaling Keycorp into a global leader in payments and security technologies, and leading the reinvigoration of MULTOS as a leading global solution for smartcards and cryptographic tokens with the establishment of StepNexus. Over the last decade, I led the growth of Ecoult to where it attained recognition as an energy storage leader and Global Cleantech 100 company supported by government and industry partnerships. Recently, I have led the orderly shutdown of the company following withdrawal of investment, precipitated by superior progression on performance, consistency, and cost reduction by alternate battery chemistries and what it would take to establish baseline competitiveness.

Across successes and challenges, I’ve developed the ability to step back and see how it all fits together, and to see the need for change and assess risk/reward with objectivity. As a result, today, I enjoy acting as a mentor, advisor and non-executive director, opening doors to new partnerships and markets, guiding on key strategic exercises and ensuring appropriate organisational governance at all stages of maturity.





Photo by Fernando @cferdo on Unsplash

Oct 29, 2021

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