We’re thrilled to share the first cohort of the Climate Salad Global Growth Program. 

After just two years in existence, Climate Salad has put together a group of Australian climate tech companies with incredible potential and ambition. This is the culmination of bringing together this new industry with a lot of love and support and a single big idea:

If we can help these companies expand into big, international markets, we can help them get validation, revenue, then capital and team. If they can do that, then we’ve done one tiny part in getting the world to sustainability as soon as we can. 

In the last twelve months, we’ve piloted the program, run a 21 company trade mission to San Francisco and brought on a team to take our work to the next level. 

The Global Growth Program offers these companies —

  1. Nine months of support from our team, mentors and partners. 
  2. A focus on growth with support on products, business model, strategy and more. 
  3. Getting the companies in the position, if necessary, to be able to raise the capital needed to keep growing. 

More Information On Global Growth Program

This massive body of work has been orchestrated by Olivia and Audrey, with Stefan doing the hundreds of hours of sessions with founders. Michael, Charlotte and Megan both played big roles in attracting and creating the momentum, and now the team is joined by Tina Li as Entrepreneur in Residence. 

A huge thanks to LaunchVic and NSW Environment for their support in making this program possible. Another big thanks to the mentors and partners who are putting in so much time to help all these companies grow. 

Here is Global Growth Program Cohort 1:

If you’d like to get involved, please reach out to the companies or our team. 

It’s been a huge year and we need the next year to be even bigger.

Join Climate Salad as a founder, employee, mentor, investor or supporter

Photo by Mike L on Unsplash

Aug 14, 2023

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