The team at Climate Salad has partnered with the team at HolonIQ to build a climate tech data set and profile 1,000 high potential companies:

Global Climate Tech Landscape

This is a great initiative with a huge potential impact. HolonIQ has completely changed the game in the learning and education technology space with its taxonomy, Edutech 1,000 and data platform.

Climate tech has a similar challenge of complexity and breadth of scope with the added challenge of rapid escalation. It has also transitioned from largely not for profit impact to profit plus impact.

From HolonIQ:

Global Climate Tech Landscape

An open-source taxonomy for the future of climate technology.

The United Nations (UN) Secretary-General has labeled climate change ‚Äėthe defining issue of our time‚Äô. The world has 10 years to halve global greenhouse gas emissions and avoid global warming of above 1.5¬įC. Before 2050, the global economy needs to be at ‚Äėnet zero‚Äô carbon emissions.

We need to urgently accelerate innovation and technology to meet these challenges. Climate tech spans innovation and technology across energy, resources, materials and the environment, transportation, agriculture, infrastructure, buildings, and heavy industry.

The Global Climate Tech Landscape is an open-source taxonomy for climate innovation, providing a common structure and language for identifying, tracking and making sense of the breadth and depth of innovation happening in climate technology globally.

The purpose of the Global Climate Tech Landscape is to create a granular and global open-source framework to enable insights such as:

  • Where are we seeing solutions and innovation? What is the velocity of formation, funding and growth? How is this changing over time?
  • Where are the gaps? When compared to the challenges we are facing, which areas are underweight or white-space?
  • Where are we seeing traction and momentum? Where might new science and technology find a commercial market to apply new novel innovations and achieve self-sustainability?

Learn more at

We look forward to sharing the Global Climate Tech 1000 and Landscape as we are all in final preparations for COP26.


Huge kudos to Maria, Patrick, and the team at HolonIQ for their hard work.

Australia and New Zealand Climate Tech 100

Climate Salad is partnering with HolonIQ and will focus primarily on the Australian and New Zealand regions. Our job is to encourage as many climate tech companies in ANZ to submit their details. We will also be working with local sector experts to ensure we have the right representation of companies in the top 100.

For clarity, HolonIQ gets the data from submissions but also from other data sources such as media, reports and API accessible data repositories.

The team have already unearthed over 300 ANZ climate tech companies.

Next Steps

Aug 2, 2021

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