A list of ideas, articles and tools to help people conduct sustainable development resources.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

High level framework.

17 goals including key problem areas and also mechanisms to address them.

SDGs are a starting point for strategy and discussion, and a review tool for cross SD coverage. 

How to Talk About Climate Change In A Way That Makes A Difference

A guide to convince others to commit to climate action.

Analysis of tools, techniques and emotional positioning.

Helps appreciate that every person starts from a different place and that using guilt, fear and blame can have positive and negative consequences. 

Global Wellness Indices

Understand the different baselines in each country across economic, social and environmental.

Research and statistics on each country's current and past data focused on wellness.

This can help understanding and communicating differences in EfSD across countries.   

Bonn Declaration

Outline of the purpose and priorities for EfSD.

A detailed list of current challenges and key actions to address them. 

A good reference point when planning and reviewing EfSD to ensure it is in line with agreed principles. 

Gibbs Reflective Cycle

A process to follow to maximise the value of reflection.

Six steps - description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion, action plan. 

Helps ensure each experience leads to learning and progress.  

Our Climate Tech Future 

Inspiring young leaders to embrace climate action. 

An immersive presentation about solutions and the role the audience can play.

This is a presentation I have developed to give to 2,000 young business leaders in May. The aim is to take curious people and turn them into action takers. 

NASA Climate Kids

Educating children 8+ years old on climate science and the changing planet.

Information and activities across basic climate areas.

NASA has a trusted brand name which gives it credibility to most parents and teachers. They have also taken complex topics and presented them in easy to understand modules and created ways to engage to maintain attention. 

Engaging with First Nations People

A guide for EfSD work with Indigenous Australians.

A set of principles and links to policy. 

An important outline about the key elements to consider when engaging with Indigenous groups. Key items are respect, patience and timing. 

The Benefits of Nudging

Understanding the educational opportunities of encouraging small behaviour changes.

Analyse multiple studies to gauge benefits.

Nudging appears to be a useful technique, showing effectiveness in over 64% of studies. 

Melbourne Nature In The City

A major city's approach to SD engagement.

A clear vision and plan for local SD.

Melbourne is a world leader in SD and this plan is a useful guide into what a quality program looks like. It is well funded so may not be easily replicable. 

Impact of Education on Sustainable Economic Development in Emerging Markets

Highlight challenges and opportunities for EfSD in developing countries.

A study into a country's EfSD and economic development journey.

A valuable resource to appreciate the strong links between EfSD and economic development and also the large challenges with funding that impacts all SDGs. Particularly relevant as aspects like climate change will more adversely affect these countries. 

Mentimeter or Slido

Digital engagement tools

Allows educators to run interactive activities (polls, quizzes and word clouds)

These simple tools are effective at allowing interaction with an audience, especially if it is conducted online, culturally diverse and to allow for introversion. 

Games 4 Sustainability

Help people create engaging interactions.

Games and social simulations to engage people in SD.

SD games and tools as well as posts to understand methods and approaches. It would be stronger with a community element to ask and share.


Engaging children and families in observing and tracking nature.

Simple app to capture photos of nature, have them reviewed by scientists and collect global data. 

The user interface is basic but the scale and depth of the network and strong gamification creates positive feedback loops. 

Our Trace: Employee Engagement 

Encouraging employees to be climate positive at work and home.

Tools and programs for companies to use with their staff.

The motives of the business may influence the effectiveness of this tool and also whether the employees are already positive or negative. 

Apr 5, 2023

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