We are excited to invite you to our Melbourne Climate Tech Showcase hosted by Climate Salad!

This event is for climate tech entrepreneurs and their teams, investors, mentors, scientists, and advocates in the climate tech space. And for those who want to find out more about this exciting and fast-growing sector!

Melbourne Climate Tech Showcase

Find out why Climate Tech is the hottest sector in the startup world, why investment is flowing 5x faster than any other industry and the innovative ways these founders are solving the biggest challenge of our time.  Discover and meet the founders building great Climate Tech with pitches and a demo room so you can see some of these products and solutions in action.


  1. Grab a drink
  2. Walk around and see 10+ climate tech product demonstrations
  3. Founder of Climate Salad, Mick Liubinskas update on the industry
  4. Keynote talk by a guest speaker, Rachel Yang of Giant Leap
  5. Climate Tech Investor Panel and Q&A including Patrick Sieb of Investible, Nicole Small of Rampersand and Rachel Yang of Giant Leap.
  6. Pitches from 30+ climate tech companies and industry leaders
  7. Grab another drink, a bit of food and meet amazing people from the tech world.


Wednesday, 6 April 2022
5pm start, finish at 8:30pm


  • $20 for Climate Salad Members (please ask for the discount code)
  • $50 for non-members
  • $125 for Ticket + 1 year Climate Salad membership
  • Students contact us for a 50% discount


  • Stone & Chalk Melbourne,
  • Innovation Hub 710 Collins Street Docklands VIC 3008

Last Showcase

This event is for climate tech entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, scientists, and advocates in the climate tech space. And for those who want to find out more about this exciting and fast-growing sector!

When: Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Time: 5pm start, finish at 8:30pm

Grab your tickets here


Here's some of the action from our last showcase.


Some of the companies you'll see include;

Huge thank you to our partners for supporting the Climate Tech ecosystem and helping Climate Tech companies grow! 

  • AWS activate
  • Twilio
  • Main Sequence
  • Stone & Chalk
  • Investible Climate Tech Fund
  • Rampersand
  • Giant Leap
  • Stripe
  • Minter Ellison

Event Wrap Up

Thank you to all 200 of you who attended our Melbourne Climate Tech showcase. We hope you made new climate tech connections, discovered our founder solutions in the demo room and learnt something from our Investor panel and keynote speeches. Thank you to our wonderful partners and sponsors who supported this event.

Quick Facts

Event: Carbon Neutral

Attendees: 200+

Founder pitches: 20+

Founder demos: 29

Beer and wine generously donated by Stomping Ground and Organic Hill

Fable burritos, tacos and nachos donated by Fable Food

Cricket chips donated by Circle Harvest

Carbon neutral catering by Atiyah

Thank you again to AWS Activate, Stripe, Twilio, Main Sequence, Stone and Chalk, Investible Climate Tech Fund, Rampersand, Giant Leap and Minter Ellison for your support.


Climate Salad's Melbourne Climate Tech Showcase
Carbon Neutral Catering
Thomas Gooch of Office of Planetary Observations explains his climate solution. One of 25 demonstrations on the night.


Apr 1, 2022

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