Next Wednesday we will announce the first ever Australia New Zealand 50 companies. Come along.  

On August 2nd, 2021 we announced a joint venture HolonIQ to build a climate tech data set and profile 1,000 high potential companies.

After a lot of work by the team to find as many companies as possible and with lots of companies submitting directly from the website (Global Climate Tech Landscape) we are narrowing it down to 50.

If you'd like to see who made the list, come to an online event next week;

  • Wednesday, October 6th, 2021
  • 3.30pm AEST

Register Here

This is the empty map, by next week it will be full of logos.

Importantly this is not the only, biggest, best or most impactful companies. This is the 50 companies that our data analysis and curation process found to be a good representation of companies with strong potential for global impact with a fair coverage in all the sub-sectors.

From HolonIQ:

This is a great initiative with a huge potential impact. HolonIQ has completely changed the game in the learning and education technology space with its taxonomy, Edutech 1,000 and data platform.

Global Climate Tech Landscape

An open-source taxonomy for the future of climate technology. Here is the draft global industry map of all the companies and the data driven taxonomy.



Sep 6, 2021

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