Last week’s Build for Impact event celebrated our 2023 Australian Climate Tech Industry Report as well as the launch of the Melbourne Climate Network. Within the wonderful setting of the Melbourne Town Hall, this event was a partnership between Climate Salad and the City of Melbourne.

It was such an honour to have the Lord Mayor Sally Capp, announcing the very exciting launch of the Melbourne Climate Network. We really appreciate the Lord Mayor giving her energy to the night and also to climate action in Melbourne. It was also great to have Evannah Jayne kick the night off and Alex Smith for introducing us to the Melbourne Climate Network. 

Just like any time the Climate Salad community gathers together, it was a wonderful opportunity to hear from founders, share ideas and knowledge about how we can make a positive impact. 

The panel discussion between Ellen Liang from JET Charge, Jordy Kay from Great Wrap, and Emma Jenkin from Kilara Capital highlighted the importance of collaboration between businesses and investors, as well as the need for more government support and incentives.

A couple of other takeaways from the panel included —

“Find the bulldozer” - Emma

Sometimes it may take a lot of different touch points with an organisation to find the person who is passionate enough to drive change and make a path. This ‘bulldozer’ may be the person who connects founders with the right funders, drives regulatory change, shifts capital in the direction of climate tech. It can take time to find this bulldozer, but they are are incredible conduit for change.

“There’s cool sh*t happening. It’s an exciting time!” - Jordy

And what better way to illustrate that sentiment than with a pitch from startups within the Climate Salad community!? Clinton Hopkins from Onvol, Prisca Ongonga-Daehn from baresop., Sam Ringwaldt from Conry Tech, Laura Acklandiene from RayGen, David Perry from BOOM!, Angus Muffatti from Agtuary, Raj Bagri from Kapture, Joseph Glesta from Climasens, and Cameron McKenzie from ASPIRE PL, and Cameron B. from Pyrochar all delivered compelling presentations.

A huge thanks to everyone who attended the event and to City of Melbourne for partnering with us.

We can’t wait to see you at the next Climate Salad event near you. If you want to stay in the loop on events, be sure to stay in the loop.

Aug 14, 2023

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