Climate Salad members were invited to an exclusive workshop with Global Business Development Manager, Climate and Sustainability at BCG, Hanna King and BCG Climate Lead as well as Co-founder of EnergyLab, James Tilbury 

Our Climate Tech founders from the energy sector were given an opportunity to pitch, so if relevant BCG can share in client conversations. Conversations that are increasingly demanding climate and sustainability solutions.

Companies with Science Based Target pledges have increased by 65% p.a. every year since 2015. 2,465 companies signing up to reduce emissions doesn't sound like much, but those companies represent $24T in revenue, or 30% of GDP. In short, more big corporate clients are on the hunt for climate tech solutions.

slide from BCG report Winning the Race to Net Zero: The CEO Guide to Climate Advantage

Hanna And James also shared broader perspectives on what matters for major local/global companies in energy transition/climate & sustainability as well as the opportunity for investment.

Venture capital investment into Climate Tech is growing 5x average growth rate across all industries.

Energy Startups at the Climate Salad workshop

To find out more about our member-exclusive workshops and events, apply here. 

Feb 15, 2022

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