The ANZ Climate Tech industry is growing. Climate Salad has doubled in membership in the past three months, and our members are busy accelerating positive climate action. But how are they doing this? What sectors are thriving? Where are the opportunity gaps? How much capital has the industry raised and what is the measurable impact that the industry has on climate?

Climate Salad is proud to be developing the first ever report into the climate tech industry in Australia and New Zealand. This report will be informed by over 100+ climate tech companies focussed on solving significant climate challenges.

For Founders: Complete the Founder Survey Here

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What is the Industry Report?

Climate Salad is publishing the first comprehensive report into the state of the ANZ Climate Tech industry. This industry report allows us to track the development of the industry, highlight sectors of growth and opportunity, and provides an overview of capital raising, technology and impact.

What is the Founder Survey?

The founder survey will inform the industry report. This survey is for anyone involved with a climate tech company, and only one person per company needs to complete it. ‚Äć

It is voluntary and will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

We know how busy you are as founders, but we would urge you to take the time to fill this survey out because it will provide previously unknown data about

  • impact
  • sector breakdown, including business models, technology used and target markets
  • growth
  • capital raise and revenue
  • technology and challenges

What are the benefits if I complete the Founder Survey?

When you complete the survey we will add your company logo (with your consent) to the introduction of the Industry Report. You will be invited to a pre-publication showcase to access a breakdown of the data, and see where your company sits within the ecosystem.

How will my data be used?

Your data will always remain confidential and anonymous. We will only use the Founders Survey data for the purposes of the Industry report. Companies will never be identified (besides your logo on the report) and we will never sell or show your data to a third party.

When will the report be published?

The report will be launched in June 2022. Keep your eyes peeled!

Who should I contact if I still have questions?

Please reach out to Olivia (Program Manager) at if you have any questions regarding this report or if you'd like to partner with us for publication. Alternatively, get in touch here.


Cover Photo by Caleb Russell on Unsplash

Apr 12, 2022

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