Meet the 2023 Queensland Women in Climate Tech Fellowship

The inaugural Queensland Women in Climate Tech Fellowship has brought together a cohort of nine incredible Queensland-based women founders of climate tech solutions for an 8-week program, designed to support their growth and further connect them within the industry.

Through mentorship, workshops, and networking events, the fellowship aims to equip the participants with the tools, knowledge and support needed to scale their businesses and make a lasting impact on the climate tech landscape.

‍Meet The 2023 Fellowship Cohort

Amelia Nikles-Ralph - EvacSafe is a bushfire emergency app designed to empower individuals with comprehensive preparedness tools and educational resources, effectively minimizing the impact of disasters on their lives.

Ana Novak is co-founder of Blue Carbon Pty Ltd. Blue Carbon supports life in the oceans through delivery of cold, nutrient rich deep-sea water to the depleted surface layers of the ocean.

Eva Chiu is co-founder of Blue Carbon Pty Ltd. Blue Carbon’s DeepSeaCapture+ Technology restores marine ecosystems and sequesters CO2. They’re pioneers in sustainable marine permaculture through their Ocean Garden concept, fostering biodiversity and bolstering marine food security.

Brooklyn Coyle - Waste Less is an app that supports communities to recycle waste correctly, significantly cutting landfill and contaminated recycling waste. This is done through a simple snap on your phone and AI/ML.

Eliza Sanby - Farmer Stays is redefining sustainable tourism by connecting travelers with authentic eco-friendly farm experiences in Australia, allowing you to immerse yourself in sustainable living.

Gok Yilmaz - SEGO Australia diverts solar industry e-waste by connecting installers with recyclers.

Jennifer Wu - Mawu is an integrated platform solution that allows you to view and reduce your household resource consumption. This includes your everyday household water and energy consumption.

Rachel Huang - Biobead is a patent-pending wastewater treatment technology that is customisable to treat different pollutants in wastewater from heavy industries such as mining and agriculture.

Sandra Cole - COLETEK's Clean Earth Bot is a sophisticated robotic system that efficiently manages animal waste, converting it into nutrient-rich organic fertilizer to enhance agricultural productivity  and environmental sustainability.

Cohort pictured with Queensland Government and Climate Salad team members and Mentors

As the first cohort of the Queensland Women in Climate Tech Fellowship concludes, the impact of this initiative on the climate tech ecosystem is already evident. The program has not only empowered these women founders but has also highlighted the importance of diversity and inclusivity in driving innovation and progress.

The success of the Queensland Women in Climate Tech Fellowship is made possible through the generous support of the Queensland Government, through the Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur, Advance Queensland, and Trade and Investment Queensland.

If you’re inspired to be part of next year's fellowship, register your interest here and we’ll be in touch when applications open for the 2024 Queensland Women in Climate Tech Fellowship.


Nov 20, 2023

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