The wonderful team at Cicada Innovations are running an excellent initiative

The Biennale New and Sustainable Materials Challenge

The Opportunity

Have your innovative materials, products, and scientific breakthroughs utilised as part of the 23rd Biennale of Sydney, one of the world’s leading international contemporary art events which presents the most dynamic contemporary art from around the globe in world-class venues across Sydney.

I got to speak to Sian Priest from Cicada who told me all about it: 


We are looking for more sustainable alternatives to:

  • Papers & cardboard
  • Plastics, tapes & packaging
  • Inks, paint & finishes
  • Timber & framing products
  • Sheet materials (gyprock, plywood, MDF)
  • Building materials & ballast (bricks)
  • Fibres & textiles
  • Printing materials
  • Fixings & adhesives (cable ties, screws, glue)

Revolutionary new products that could be showcased in unconventional ways as part of the exhibition.

We are looking to showcase scientific products and discoveries in unconventional ways at the exhibition. We’re looking for solutions that are:

  • Harnessing biotechnology
  • Recycling waste into new products
  • Using 3D printing & additive manufacturing methods
  • Machines monitoring planetary health
  • New forms of sustainable power

Read more here:

The Biennale New and Sustainable Materials Challenge

And here is a link to Sian's favourite salad:

Jul 29, 2021

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