Accurassi is a B2B software company helping solar installers and energy retailers capture new leads through our interactive digital tools.  

Customer Focus:  We are focused on helping solar installers and energy retailers get solar onto more homes and small businesses.  We have a big focus on the new Virtual Power Plant offers, which package solar, batteries and optimisation in affordable offerings.

Challenges: The energy market in 2022 and early 2023 has frozen, with very few retailers taking new customers; this situation impacted our revenue.  The market is returning to normal. Additionally, elevated energy prices are making solar/batteries much more compelling. 

Highlights:  The big highlight of the last year has been the launching our Solar Seeker AI product in late 2022 - this is after 3 years of hard work.  This product is our future and we feel it has plenty of export potential as well.

CEO and Founder, Ross Sharman

Team: ¬†Ross (CEO) and Ciaran (CTO) lead a small technical team in Sydney - Accurassi has been servicing the energy retail market for 5 years.‚Äć

Product:  Solar Seeker AI boosts solar conversion rates and captures higher-quality leads with an innovative, interactive digital lead capture experience.

Market:¬† There are 30,000 solar installations a month in Australia, and this rate will likely increase.¬† The conversion rate would average at around 5%, we aim to get this to 20%¬†¬†‚Äć

Momentum:  Currently, we are in beta with a number of energy retailers and solar installers in Australia; developing partnerships mean we expect to be involved in tens of thousands of solar/battery sales by the end of 2023.

Impact: Each home with solar installed will decrease its reliance on fossil fuel-generated electricity (usually by half).


Mar 29, 2023

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