From what started as a neighbourhood garage sale in 2013, the World’s Biggest Garage Sale is revolutionising how Australians engage with dormant goods. Now a champion in the profit-for-purpose resale retail revolution,  we are expanding our model with retailers via our SaaS (stewardships as a service) model. Here we are leveraging a $15 billion opportunity to engage with leading retailers to realise a truly circular system by redirecting product returns from landfill through renew, repurpose and re-commercing strategies.

Customer Focus

Customer centricity (aka Love) has always been the key to our success as World’s Biggest Garage Sale when managing our ‘business to many’ market. Whether it be B2C by engaging with customers directly in our circular economy precinct who wish to purchase goods for personal use, or B2B by managing our supply partnerships or corporate customers with office fitouts, we remain focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience to grow our business.


As pioneers in the circular economy, our challenges surround the management of diverse products. We are transforming the Surprise Chain™ into a supply chain. Challenges for us surround realising the best management system to cater for both unique products with regular shipping schedules to our circular economy precinct, and also vast random shipments of standardised goods from leading retailers.


Effectively processing returns is an exhaustive process for any retailer. Through our partnerships and SaaS model (stewardship as a service) we’re able to not only realise the opportunity that lies in dormant goods, but activate product stewardship by capturing high quality returned products for recommerce to the customer, whilst reporting on metrics and data for our B2B partners, delivering outputs and outcomes for their own ESG and CSR initiatives.

Founder, Yas Grigaliunas with her team

Report Card

  • Impact - in numbers: 
  • 1.29 billion litres of water saved in production of new goods,
  • $2.2 Million estimated social impact value contributed to the global economy
  • 4.3 Million kilograms of goods diverted from landfill 
  • 774,000 kilograms of Co2 prevented from entering earth’s atmosphere 
  • $314,000 raised for local charities 
  • 40,000 + people involved in the community 
  • 9,250 kilograms of pesticides & chemicals prevented from being used in the production of new goods
  • 600+ volunteers engaged in events and popups
  • Team - After a year of immense growth in FY21, World’s Biggest garage sale now has 30+employees  in meaningful roles that seek to deliver social impact beyond the business and within the community
  • Product - SaaS (Stewardship as a Service) and Surprise Chain™ partnerships and services for retailers
  • Market - Product returns presents a $15 billion total addressable market for World’s Biggest Garage Sale to capture. 
  • Momentum - Blitzing….aka scaling
  • Capital - Raising for national scale to support the burgeoning pipeline

From The Founders

  • Company: World’s Biggest Garage Sale
  • Themes: Circular Economy, SDG 12 - Responsible Production and Consumption, SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities, reducing waste and equitable distribution
  • Summary: World’s Biggest Garage Sale is a proud champion in the profit-for-purpose resale retail revolution. Our online store and events provide our community members with alternate ways to source and purchase high-quality products at prices that are affordable, paving the way for thousands of Australian consumers and companies to save money, time and the planet.
  • Country: Australia
  • Founders: Yasmin Grigaliunas and Leigh Grigaliunas
  • Product stage: scaling
  • URL:

Company Mission:

The overall mission of World’s Biggest Garage Sale is to be pioneers and lead the implementation of a true circular economy by embedding practices at a systems level, from Australian homes to global businesses. We do this with a profit for purpose approach to create a positive impact on people and the planet.

Why the team wants to solve this problem:

While many see the context of dormant goods and virgin goods ending up in landfill as a problem, we see immense opportunity to redesign and deliver outcomes and outputs through a data and people driven model. 

What are other climate tech companies you admire:

Here at World’s Biggest Garage Sale, we truly admire and are inspired by companies that make implementing sustainable practices easy for the customer by meeting them where they are. In particular, we are inspired by Goterra, The Great Wrap, Pleasant State and Better Packaging Co.

Nov 2, 2021

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