Angel investor Alan Jones spent some time going through two of our climate tech companies pitch decks and offered feed back. Thanks Alan!

And how good are the 'You're on Mute!" shirts!

Given the sensitive nature of the company information, the full feedback session is private to the climate tech co-founder community but we wanted to share some of the big lessons the feedback session in the words of the two founders:

Yas from Worlds Biggest Garage Sale

  • You still have TOO many words - cut them. ¬†(don't make people read the slide)
  • Be BOLD! ¬†This is not the time to tell a story....go big and bold - no holding back. ¬†(NO marketing messages)
  • no capitals - they are harder to read and don't centre justify (layout matters)

Sneaking in the most important tip.....

  • When an opportunity comes your way (without notice period or lead time) and you "don't have time".......always make the time!!!

Tom from Valai

  • Don't include experience in the team slide as many years experience in the field doesn't equate to a world class team
  • If you have a slide with images of the product then bring that up early instead of talking about it, as ¬†a picture tells a thousand words
  • You must have 1 of 4 things, world class team, unique IP, traction or growth

More Pitch Tips From Alan;

Sep 21, 2021

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