We had a great chat to Cat Long from Trace and learned a lot about working with businesses to help them understand their opportunities to take meaningful climate action.


  1. The big shift towards businesses taking climate action
  2. Where most businesses start
  3. Where the challenges are
  4. How to engage your employees
  5. And more





Join us for an online, fireside chat about business and sustainable behaviour.

The role of business in the cause and solution to climate change is significant and complex. Register Here

  • Where do you start?¬†
  • How do you balance profit with sustainability?¬†
  • Who's role is it - the CEO, finance, everyone?¬†
  • How can you get your employees involved

Cat Long from Trace has been working on this and has some strong opinions to share. She co-founded the company to help businesses confront these big issues and make progress.

  • Wednesday Sept 1, 2021
  • 1-2pm


  1. Intro - Cat and Trace
  2. Businesses and their impact - Cat and Mick chat
  3. Q&A from the audience - bring your tough ones for Cat

Register Here

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

Sep 7, 2021

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