Just a few thoughts from me;

  1. Make your subject line useful. Not just 'company month update'. Put that at the end. Most investors get 10-100 per month. Make me want to read it by giving some highlights.
  2. Give be 3 bullet point at the top in case I'm busy. If it looks like an essay, I'll probably not read it.
  3. Include a reminder about what you do. This reminds me but also reinforces it in your own words so I can tell everyone about it the right way.
  4. Make sure you BCC people. Don't share the whole list.
  5. Include something on what you have done, what you're going to do.
  6. Include some asks, how they can help you.
  7. Include kudos - thanks to "..... " This shares good input and also tells others there are good people on the list.
  8. Be honest. It's ok and good to say you stuffed something up because next update you can show us you fixed it.
  9. Do not talk about capital raising until you are well past 50% of a round or preferred over subsribed.
  10. Focus on customers, products, team.
  11. Include links to other content or videos.
  12. It's ok to have 2 lists. One for actual investors and one for followers/supporters/potential investors. For investors you can include more info on metrics and runway

Rough Outline

Subject line: 

Climate Salad: 540 companies, 15 months runway, 12% MOM Growth, 2 new partners


3 Keys:

  • Hired new COO
  • Started partnerships with NASA and WWF
  • Focus is on climate tech investors

Mission: Climate Salad is a community of Australian climate tech companies aiming to have a massive global impact on the environment.

Business update:

Team update:


(Be honest, it's ok to share negatives, because next update you can tell them how they addressed it)


  • Big thanks to Sierra Peterson for the support on our $1B growth fund
  • Thanks to Greta Thunberg for the keynote at our festival.

Dec 18, 2023

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