We must act now to halve emissions by 2030 and reach Net Zero by 2050. Reaching our decarbonisation goals requires transformation of every sector of the global economy, and an estimated US$10 trillion per annum of investment is required to fund this transition over the next 30 years. The combined transition spending of US$300 trillion is roughly equivalent to 7.5% of global GDP every year through 2050. 

Today, nearly 80% of global emissions are covered by net-zero commitments, with business leaders driving unprecedented demand for high-quality climate solutions. This urgency for climate solutions is created in large part by increasing pressure from corporate investors, customers and employees.

The next generation of climate unicorns are being built and require scale-up funding in order to meet this urgent and growing demand. There are over 500 climate startups in ANZ alone that will require capital over the next few years. 

Many climate companies, due to their stage, sector or capital requirements, sit outside traditional investment mandates. That means high-potential companies are unable to secure the flexible capital required to fuel their next phase of growth. Wollemi addresses the unique needs of these companies by providing management teams with innovative capital solutions, long-term partnership and strategic advisory.

Wollemi, named after the 200 million year old tree rediscovered in the Blue Mountains, was founded with a singular purpose: to invest in businesses that help reduce GHG emissions. Wollemi targets solutions in food and agriculture, energy transition and climate services, three sectors driving the greatest climate impact .

We look forward to partnering with those who share our belief that investing in climate solutions represents both the greatest financial opportunity of our lifetime and an ethical imperative for the future of humanity and the planet.


About Wollemi

Wollemi Capital is a global climate investment firm co-founded by Tim Bishop and Paul Hunyor, headquartered in Australia with team members in the US and Sydney. Tim was previously Global Head of Macquarie Capital, where significant investments into green energy drove profit growth from $85 million to $1.3 billion under his leadership, culminating in the acquisition of the UK Government’s Green Investment Bank. Paul previously led the Boston Consulting Group’s Digital and Green Ventures businesses in Asia and Australia and is a Governor of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Wollemi invests in climate solutions businesses that help reduce GHG emissions. The firm targets solutions in three major sectors driving the greatest climate impact: food and agriculture (~25-35% of global emissions), energy transition (~60-70% of emissions including energy used in transport, buildings and industrials) and climate services (critical enabling capabilities such as carbon measurement and offsets). Wollemi’s primary focus is growth-stage companies seeking $20-80m investments with talented leadership teams, proven technology, established revenue, strong growth and competitive advantage, though the firm can make selected earlier stage investments into key areas.

Wollemi’s team of proven founders/operators have successfully launched, scaled and invested in many leading climate solutions businesses such as Indigo Agriculture’s soil carbon credit business ($3.5b val), Singapore’s national carbon credits exchange (CIX), leading enterprise GHG emissions measurement platform (Terrascope), WWF’s first profit-for-purpose venture in sustainable food supply chain transparency (OpenSC) and many others.

Wollemi recently invested in world-leading carbon credit platform Pachama, in a $55m round alongside high-profile investors such as Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone’s Future Positive, Chris Sacca’s Lower Carbon Capital. Pachama uses satellite imagery and AI to verify carbon credits produced by forests. Its 800+ customers include Salesforce, Microsoft, Airbnb, Shopify and Netflix.

Wollemi’s team of proven operators leverages their expertise and networks to provide hands-on support for entrepreneurs including with (1) go-to-market and implementation with enterprise customers, (2) global expansion and cross-border operations, (3) capital structure and financing, especially for the many climate solutions which are too capex intensive for traditional VCs and too early for large infra funds, (4) talent, hiring and compensation (5) robust climate impact measurement and certification, (6) influence with regulators and industry standard setting bodies, (7) ecosystem and partnership models and many other areas.


Paul Hunyor, co-founder of Wollemi


Tim Bishop, co-founder of Wollemi


Access the 2022 Climate Tech Industry Report here: https://lnkd.in/dC8s-x_E

‍And don't miss out on tickets to our QLD Climate Tech Showcase: https://lnkd.in/dBbQMZ6u

Cover photo by Joeyy Lee on Unsplash

Jul 27, 2022

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