Founder Aaron Yew explains what The People's Grid by Oxamii is all about

The People’s Grid allows communities to power themselves. Simply create a Collective and share it with your community to offer simple access to local, renewable energy.

Each collective is its own community energy grid. It connects to local energy sources, such as its members rooftop solar and other local renewable producers. This directly provides clean energy to your group and can even help you raise funds for a common goal like building a solar farm for your community.

Customer Focus

Currently looking at product market fit and have a couple of target markets including sports clubs and player associations.

The ideal Collective wants to build energy infrastructure (solar, wind, batteries) that they can sell back to their members. This will be driven largely for the need for transparency around achieving “real” net zero as we can validate the source of energy and match the load with generation. The groups are also aware of the need for real action, not just buying offsets, but actually building their own energy infrastructure to meet the energy demands of their group.

The two biggest problems we're solving; Firstly, enabling groups to directly take action on climate change and reach their sustainability goals by enabling them to build their own energy infrastructure.

Secondly, provide reporting, transparency and certification around renewables enabling these groups/ organisations to more easily have visibility over their net zero obligations. This is an alternative to complex, costly corporate PPA’s. It’s a simple, fast alternative especially for smaller business/ organisations

Founder of The People's Grid, Aaron Yew


We are still validating our business model and so we only have a handful of customers. Our business model is complex and so finding the smallest example of our networks to validate is our current challenge. The other challenge is building our team and finding the right people to help grow.


Our Collectives model with a matching algorithm allows groups to create an energy offer, utilise their own energy infrastructure (even their members solar) and have visibility over the energy sources which they can glean data and insights from and easily report on this to meet their sustainability obligations.

Report Card

  • Team: Looking at adding technical, product, digital marketing and customer success members to the team.
  • Product: launched our initial product.
  • Market: still in product market fit/ validation stage, but understand what our ideal markets are.
  • Momentum: just launching, already onboarding Collectives and customers.
  • Impact: minimal at this stage, but getting feedback like I think I have found the solution I have been looking for,

From the Founder:

  • Company Name:  The People’s Grid by Oxamii
  • Themes: energy, community, powered by us
  • Summary: The People’s Grid allows communities to power themselves. Simply create a Collective and share it with your community to offer simple access to local, renewable energy.
  • Product stage: just launched
  • Founder: Aaron Yew
  • Capital raising: Completed Seed round 2021
  • Company mission: global sustainable energy, one community at a time
  • Why the team wants to solve this problem: We believe the real drivers of change come from individuals and communities. They will become the new energy builders.

Feb 4, 2022

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