By 2030, the global clean energy market is projected to be worth over $1.97 trillion US Dollars. 

This represents a massive opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs to generate value while innovating to solve one of the greatest problems of our time. 

But getting into this market is highly complex. There are so many problems a business needs to navigate in order to connect customers to an asset, wrap it with a retail energy offer, service or financial product, and deliver it as a single proposition inside a seamless experience -- all while keeping the cost to serve low.

That’s why Dan Friedman and Stu Philpot founded UPowr. 

A SaaS climate tech startup enablling businesses and consumers to navigate clean energy services and products.

"Our software reduces all this complexity to a plug-and-play suite of solutions. Spin up a renewable energy business in record time and start up-selling your customer base to new energy assets, products and services," said Dan.

Customer Focus

Our target customer is any large organisation looking to enter, participate in, or dominate the clean energy market. We also service large organisations looking to use business as a vehicle to decarbonise, achieve net-zero emissions or Environmental Sustainability Goals. The types of organisations include:

  • Energy retailers
  • Financial institutions
  • Renewable asset hardware manufacturers
  • Member-based organisations
  • Rewards programs 
  • Communications providers

In both cases, our customers are aiming to innovate their business by creating new energy or climate-friendly products and services. That makes UPowr the ideal toolkit for product or project owners, sustainability leads, finance leads, business transformation and technology leads inside those organisations.


Familiar to all disruptors, UPowr’s primary challenge is the threat of large incumbents. "Legacy providers in the energy industry could find the internal will to align competing interests inside their own complex organisations, and innovate to build comparative solutions from scratch. It’s more likely that these organisations would actually partner with UPowr to achieve speed to market with new products and services, but we still recognise that there’s always that potential existential threat," explains Dan.


UPowr offers the only end-to-end solutions in the market for clean energy asset design, sales, fulfilment and installation – both in Australia and abroad. As Dan explains their modularised software provides any organisation with front-end design software, backend fulfilment, a CX platform, asset installation, warranty redemption and scaled field operations management in two simple plug-and-play solutions.

"We’re the fastest route to market, with the best CX." 

Report Card

  • Team: According to LInkedin there are 9 employees at Upowr. Their agile team is passionately committed to UPowr’s purpose and combines deep expertise across the energy, tech, blockchain and fintech industries. Their team creds include high-impact roles at AGL, Ninja Blocks, Identitii, Facebook and Google.
  • Product: Connect Helios to your CRM, use Stratos to activate a scaled, clean asset field force, and start increasing the lifetime value of your customers through new energy products and services.
  • Market: Renewable Energy (and soon Automotive).
  • Momentum: In 2021, they launched a modular platform to support multi-instance private label customers and signed three customers from the Energy, Hardware and New Energy Retailing verticals. Secured a strategic project with EnergyAustralia to deliver their residential VPP across FY22/23.
  • Impact: By empowering large organisations to help their customers and employees shift to electrified assets, UPowr can help displace over 7.5 Billion kilograms of CO2 from the atmosphere by 2030.

From the Founders

  • Company Name: UPowr
  • Themes: #energy #climatetech #saas #renewables #cleantech
  • Summary: UPowr is an Australian climate tech startup with a mission to help drive electrification and accelerate the global transition to an electrified energy system. We enable businesses to accelerate a world beyond net-zero with our built-for-purpose software, making it easy to design, deploy and manage clean energy systems at scale.
  • Product stage: Traction
  • Founders: Stu Philpot & Daniel Friedman 
  • Capital raising: +2.5M 
  • Company mission: Empowering organisations to go beyond net zero.

Why the team wants to solve this problem:

We’re passionately committed to delivering a world powered by clean energy. To achieve this, a significant portion of the global energy ecosystem must be electrified.

To that end, UPowr’s purpose is to electrify communities! Our suite of purpose-built software enables corporates and businesses to rapidly enter the renewable energy market to bring new clean energy products and services to their customers, and ultimately, accelerate a cleaner energy future for us all.

What other climate tech companies we admire: 

There’s no getting around it -- you can’t drive rapid decarbonisation without transforming the way we produce, use, consume and conceive of Energy. 

Energy is a complex market. It can be difficult for investors to get their heads around, and you’re disrupting some truly gigantic, well-established incumbents that are about to start fighting for their lives. 

That’s why we admire other climate tech upstarts like Zolar and Amber, who perceive the challenge for what it truly is: a chance to change human behaviour for the better while capturing a massive market opportunity.

In addition to sharing a common mission with UPowr, they’re also customer-obsessed and technology-driven - two values we strongly identify with.   


Jan 13, 2022

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