Climate Tech Ecosystem

Village Energy, using AI to increase renewable energy
Accurassi, transforming energy supply
clean energy products and services at record speed and a fraction of the cost
Meet the Climate Tech company using data and automation to help residential property with sustainability: ValAi
Natural Capital start-up supports Showcase, naturally
Digital Transformation supporting positive environmental change
Twilio supports Climate Tech startups with sponsorsing the Climate Tech Showcase and perks for our members
That's a wrap! 2021 in a salad bowl
In a little over 6 months, Climate Salad has grown from a blog into Australia and New Zealand's largest and leading Climate Tech community.
Diverse teams are a powerful force in deeptech, on why Main Sequence supports the Woman in Climate Tech Award
CSIRO Innovation Fund presents the inuagural Woman in Climate Tech Award
Crestone makes sustainable investing a top priority
Crestone wealth management has made sustainable investing a top priority for their business and comes on board to sponsor the Climate Tech showcase.
Climate Action: The Power of Ten
If we can combine these ten elements, we can avert climate disaster
The Inaugural Climate Tech Showcase and Awards 2021

The inaugural Australian and New Zealand Climate Tech Showcase Awards 2021 are here.

Going Global with John Wood

If you'd like to take your company global, this is the fireside chat and deep-dive Q&A you do not want to miss. John Wood shares his insights into going global and answering your burning questions.

The 2021 Climate Tech Showcase

You're invited to the inaugural Climate Tech Showcase.

Video: How Businesses Can Impact Sustainable Behaviour

Online, fireside chat about business and sustainable behaviour.

Climate Tech ANZ 50 - who's going to be on the map?

We are announcing who is in the first Climate Tech 50 from Australia and New Zealand

‘Vandals’: Victoria, Queensland fume over federal climate intervention
The commonwealth has used new powers to cancel states’ participation in global climate action
Ten ways to confront the climate crisis without losing hope
The long read presents Reconstruction after Covid: It’s easy to despair at the climate crisis, or to decide it’s already too late – but it’s not. Here’s how to keep the fight alive
Coal plants are closing faster than expected
Governments can keep the exit orderly Grattan Institute analysis shows it’s possible to achieve a vastly lower-emissions electricity system in less than two decades
Wall Street sees first Fed climate change review in 2023
While the U.S. Federal Reserve trails other major central banks in tackling climate change, it's catching up on a critical front:
Top-Selling Climate Funds Fail to Deliver on Carbon Emissions
Some of Europe’s most popular climate funds have been found to do no better at avoiding carbon emitters than a benchmark index with no environmental focus, according to new research
APRA puts onus on directors to manage climate change risk
The prudential regulator has put the onus on bank directors to manage climate risks on their institutions’ books.
The ten most important insights from climate science
New report launched at COP26 in Glasgow summarizes the most pressing research findings and emerging insights from climate science
Climate Tech Investments Can Add Up to Net Zero
Reaching the world’s climate targets will mean expanding the use of cutting-edge technologies that already exist. Making them more accessible requires cash — and generous government support
Climate Scientists on the Most Shocking Thing They’ve Seen
Climate Scientists on the Most Shocking Thing They’ve Seen “When you walk under a tree in one of these heat waves... You see dead birds on the ground.”
‘An incredible moment of optimism’: Why it’s never been a better time to found a company
In the first episode of Futurepreneur, national business editor John McDuling is joined by venture capitalist Nick Crocker to talk through what it’s really like to get a startup off the ground.
The First Real Plan to Stop the Climate Crisis Is Here
Costa Rica and Denmark are leading the world's first concrete effort to stop the climate crisis in its tracks.
The UN climate process is designed to fail
The world leaders at COP26 all endorsed the need for radical action. But the political pressures they are under are actually a recipe for inaction. There is a radical alternative.

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