Cecil Earth Co-founder, Alex Logan, and Climate Scientist, Michael Molitor ran an event on Natural Capital for the Climate Salad Community.

Globally, Natural Capital “ecosystem services” - such as clean air to breathe, healthy water to drink, habitat for biodiversity, and sequestration of carbon dioxide (CO₂) - are worth an estimated $125 trillion annually.

The Climate Tech group discussed the emergence of new natural capital assets such as coral reef credits and the monetisation of mangrove ecosystems.

Take a look to learn about biodiversity and ecosystem services

‍Exploding demand for natural capital assets

Demand has shifted from compliance with the Kyoto protocol and offsets generated through industry, waste and renewable energy projects, to nature-based solutions demanded by unregulated companies and individuals. This shift is driving expectations for ecosystem services beyond sequestration of carbon dioxide - we now look to water quality, biodiversity and more when thinking of the value of natural capital.

However, despite this momentum, the current market infrastructure for global natural capital lacks integrity. Fragmented supply participation is liable to high costs and manual measurement errors, and investment guidelines lack transparency and regulatory oversight. We're excited about the opportunity for technology to enable transparent, standardised collaboration between all market participants.

If you're interested in learning more or would like to follow up, drop Alex a line alex@cecil.earth.


Mangrove Photo by Timothy K at Unpslash

Coral Reef Photo by Kristin Hoel at Unsplash

Oct 13, 2021

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