Australia has an opportunity to create new companies, lots of jobs and significant impact in advanced manufacturing precincts.

The news about MGA Thermal raising a solid $8m round from a group of quality investors may have surprised some people. Who is this company and how did they come about? There is a good story here though the end point is that it came from a high quality team with strong regional support, this time in the Hunter Valley.

The team at Beyond Zero Emissions are big believers in the opportunity Australia has to double down on this model and create more MGA Thermals, more jobs and more impact.

Read their content on repowering Australian manufacturing here with some of our key highlights being;

  • Existing success stories in ¬†The Hunter Valley and Gladstone‚Äć
  • Opportunity for $13 Billion input into the economy and 45,000 jobs by 2032 as a part of their million jobs plan.
  • Focus in areas undergoing a transition from old to new industrial
  • Significant benefits to energy-intensive businesses such as aluminium smelting, hydrogen production, green steel manufacture, chemicals production, recycling and data centres
  • Additional benefits to manufacturers of clean technologies such as wind turbines, batteries, electric vehicle chargers, electric buses and mining equipment

According to BZE, for this to happen, we need three things;

  1. Commission a roadmap
  2. Establish a grant program
  3. Provide the energy

Quotes of support

A Renewable Energy Industrial Precinct would be great for SwitchDin. Renewables are about community and this is building a community around innovation to create opportunity. We want to be part of that.

Dr Andrew Mears - SwitchDin


The undeniable shift towards a zero-emissions future is happening globally. We support giving Australian Manufacturers the resources to position themselves ready for a shift in demand, to provide emissions-free materials/product.

Arden Jarrett - MGA Thermal

Videos with more information


Photo by Clayton Cardinalli on Unsplash

Aug 4, 2021

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