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Government grants and tax incentives are a valuable source of non-dilutive funding for founders, particularly as capital markets have tightened. These are even more valuable when you're a climate tech founder, as you're typically investing a higher amount on R&D activities compared to your counterparts.

With the announcements from the latest Federal Budget 2023, the next few years signal an uptick in the amount of funding provided for climate tech innovation. So what incentives are available for you to claim, and how do you put yourself in the best position possible to maximise these opportunities?

In this session, KPMG R&D and grants specialists Alun Needham and Nicole Tucker unpacked the updates from the latest budget and what they mean for climate tech startups, along with a run down on all things grants and R&D.

This session hosted by Kylie Little explored:

  • An overview of the current Australian grants and incentives landscape.
  • The latest updates from the budget and which companies are in the best position to benefit.
  • The grants available for climate tech founders, how to approach your application, and the flow-on effects for your business.
  • What the R&D tax incentive is, how founders can apply, and the key considerations and pitfalls to keep in mind when submitting a claim.

About our subject matter specialist

Alun Needham - Principal Director, National Grants team KPMG Australia

Alun is a Principal Director and the lead of KPMG’s National Grants team. With over 25 years’ experience, Alun specialises in assisting clients access government incentives for innovation, research and development, technology commercialisation and growth activities. Alun brings a deep understanding of the government grants programs designed to accelerate the growth of early-stage businesses. He has worked closely with our clients to successfully access support from a range of these programs including Accelerating Commercialisation and Export Market Development.


Nicole Tucker - Director, KPMG Australia

Nicole is a Director in the Accelerating Business Growth (ABG) practice, specialising in assisting clients with understanding and accessing government funding (including R&D tax incentives and grant programs), the tax and accounting implications of funding, liaising with regulators, research organisations and universities, developing practical growth strategies, and bringing an ESG/ sustainability lens to her client’s growth agenda.

With a passion for the outdoors and the environment (and a previous career as a National Parks ranger), Nicole has a keen focus on how global and national tax policy will shape an environmentally sustainable future for business.


About KPMG High Growth Ventures

Working with founders to build sustainable, scalable startups.

We connect founders and their teams to the services they need to grow sustainably, saving them both time and money. ​​​​​​​

We offer a range of specialised services for startups at price points tailored to different stages of growth, including Outsourced CFO, which brings sophisticated financial planning capabilities to startups at a fraction of the usual cost. We also assist startups with their ESG and ESOPs as well as offering other services like bookkeeping, tax structuring, and government incentive support.

Over the past five years, we have helped over 200 startups, from Canva and Nexba to emerging leading startups like Great Wrap, Sundrive Solar, and Fat Zebra. We are an active member of the startup scene, partnering with organisations such as Innovation Bay, Upside and Climate Salad to provide ongoing support for founders. In tandem, our team works with VCs and ecosystem partners to run founder education programs, networking events and Q&A sessions.

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Jun 2, 2023

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