There's a potentially powerful tool out there called the Eisenhower Matrix. Yes, that Eisenhower. It works by essentially forcing you to categorise your priorities into whether they are urgent and important, just urgent, just important, or none of the above. 

In case your history is a bit vague, Eisenhower's the guy who led the planning and execution of D Day. And, don't worry, we hear you when you say, "I'm not sure my priorities are really on par with invading occupied France". 

And yet so often, with the hyper-focus and status associated with being "busy", everything does feel urgent and important. Does that email need to get sent now? YEP. Will the world end if it doesn't get sent? ALSO YEP...or that's at least how it can feel. Especially when we're head down in the trenches (yep, we will be milking this analogy dry), running a million miles an hour and haven't stuck our head up to breathe.

In summary, life feels so busy. But this is so often created by culture and convention. And can be changed. 

By stepping away, by slowing down for even a brief moment, by giving yourself permission to shove a big old stick in the hamster wheel of modern life. We can create these moments of reprieve.

There are a lot of ways to do that. Sure, getting out to nature and being secluded for a day or two is a powerful one, but there are lots of options - go stare at the clouds for a while, take a 15 min break this arvo and walk around the block, put in time to do nothing on the weekend. 

Sometimes all we need is a little perspective to remind us, urgent and important are relative, and a lot of things in life are neither. 

Go forth and be slow. Or hey, get out to nature.


Ready to step away for a breather? Climate Salad is collaborating with Unyoked to support founders and members with discounted access to Unyoked nature retreats and content to act as a friendly reminder to take a moment, connect with nature, and prioritise your wellbeing.


May 22, 2024

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