Crestone Wealth Management provides wealth advice and portfolio management services to high net worth clients and family offices, not for profit organisations and financial institutions. Today Crestone advises on over $25bn of client assets. Crestone has also stepped up their commitment to climate tech solutions by sponsoring the Climate Tech Showcase demonstration room, where you'll be able to see the latest and greatest Climate Tech solutions.

We caught up with Partner at Crestone, Steve Prowse on why climate tech is important to them.

Why is it important for Crestone to support the climate tech community?

We have made sustainable investing a top priority for our business. Climate change is not just an issue that will lead to difficulties in the future - it is happening now. Investors need to build in portfolio resilience to manage the range of risks and opportunities associated with it.

Private wealth carries immense power to make positive change towards a sustainable future.

Why is Climate Salad’s Climate Tech community important to you?

The success stories of tomorrow will come from those that embrace the climate challenge ahead and positively impact the way we go about our lives today. It’s great to be part of a community with such a positive purpose.

What are some of the opportunities you see coming out of Climate Tech?

I think we’re at an inflection point where great innovation is going to see increasing waves of investor capital. That sets up a great platform for delivering amazing outcomes that can change the world.

What excites you most about Climate Tech in Australia and New Zealand?

The breadth of the Climate Salad community shows just how many great people are putting their efforts into solving this problem, and that’s just from ANZ!

Why are you personally interested the Climate Tech companies coming out of Australia and New Zealand?

I’m continually amazed and inspired when I hear about the different ways that founders and supporters are tackling the issues ahead, and I’m super excited to watch the journey of these and future companies in the years to come.

The inaugural Climate Tech Showcase and Awards is on Thursday 9th of December at Fishburners in Sydney, only a few tickets left.

Some of the Climate Tech companies on show include: 

Nov 30, 2021

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