South Australia Climate Tech Showcase - Feb 8, 2023

South Australia boasts more renewable energy than any other state, but how do we make sure South Australia also becomes the net exporter of climate tech solutions?

Empowering the Community Energy Revolution

Unique in the space, RedGrid's tools and platforms are open-source, vendor-agnostic and specifically designed to provide a seamless path for community project planners and their users to take control of their energy and keep value local.

Women in Focus: Molly Fullee, Co-founder and COO of Fulle

"If you're a woman in this sector, Ladies, you are rock stars, game changers, and trailblazers all rolled into one. My advice to help you soar even higher: Believe in yourself and your abilities. You belong in climate tech, and you have what it takes to succeed. Keep reaching for the stars!" - Molly Fullee

Women in Focus: Allys Todd, Founder and Director of Val.AI

ÔÇťClimate tech brings together people from diverse backgrounds to develop innovative solutions to one of the most pressing challenges of our time.ÔÇŁ Allys Todd, Founder of Val.Ai

Collaborative Disruption in Climate Tech

Climate tech startups and big corporations need to work together to mitigate climate disaster.

The Mobility Opportunity in Climate

Virescent Ventures, Industry Report Partner, sees the mobility sector heating up