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Contribute to the community of practice to accelerate and globally scale climate tech solutions from Australia. The first principle of our community is to Give First - if you have skills, expertise, knowledge or connections that can help grow climate tech companies, this collaborative community is for you!

Anyone who is passionate about climate tech or wants to learn more can apply to join as a member.
  • Get involved in Australia's leading climate tech community of co-founders, team members, mentors, advocates and investors.
  • Exclusive member access and discounts to events, workshops and programs
  • Add yourself and your company to the directories of climate tech companies, investors or ecosystem supporters and mentors.
  • Access more than $150k in partnership perks
What is the Contribution?
Climate Salad annual membership is $100 AUD + GST per member (per person). This fee is for individuals to join the community. Contact us if you’d like to discuss a corporate partnership.

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Climate Salad Vision and Mission

Climate Salad massively contributes to climate action by helping companies building products to solve climate challenges to get connected to customers, talent, and investors.
By 2030, Climate Salad will have significantly impacted 1,000 climate tech companies by getting them a customer, a team member or an investor