Globally the renewables industry is clouded by a combination of inefficient verification and corporate deception. The Sunified UNITY™ Anchor and Platform disrupts carbon credit verification by making it 14,000 times faster, i.e. a carbon credit, REC, iREC or EnergyTag in 5 minutes, not 30 days. UNITY™ Anchor is patented sensor hardware that creates high-fidelity green energy data from the source of generation, e.g. each solar panel. Our Anchor sits at the proof-of-fusion, generating data from photons. We digitise packets of energy data every 30sec (10 X 30sec packets every 5 minutes) as verified green energy, ready to trade. The data is secured directly into the blockchain, providing an immutable green crypto-anchor and foundational truth for compliance reporting of green energy. Available via the Sunified platform (PaaS), this data also provides a range of dynamic opportunities enabled by analytics and Al, e.g. fractional solar park ownership. In addition, the Sunified Group is building a distributed network of 5MW Solar Parks around Australia connected to the National Energy Market with the digital intelligence to automatically buy and sell energy for the best price. Combined, the Sunified solar assets and technology create a grid-level virtual power plant and provide the best renewable energy returns. Our key development partners include Blockstream, Bausch Datacom, IBM, GreenPowerMonitor (a DNV GL Company), Siemens, SMA, Talesun and Sunfolding. Working together we can #tag #greenenergy verify #greenbonds and provide transparency and be a #dataoracle and #greensignal that the #carbon tracking apps require and emissions auditors need. EnergyTag Industry #technology enables the tracking and proper retirement of #greencredits 2Tokens Working Group is #TokenizingEnergy

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