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Global Growth Program

Accelerating the global impact of Australian climate tech innovation

Climate Salad is launching a flagship Global Growth Program for high-potential climate tech founders ready to scale globally.

More detailed information about Cohort 1 of the GGP will become available . If you’d like to speak to the Climate Salad team about participating in the GGP please get in touch with Olivia Utharntharm at or Audrey Jean-Baptiste at Or, submit an EOI here‍
What is the Global Growth Program?
The GGP is a 9 month accelerator-style program with no set curriculum designed to support high-potential Australian climate tech find customers and enter new global markets. The entire program focusses on tailored coaching and mentoring based on your venture’s specific needs.

Alongside a cohort of likeminded peers, you will work with your Entrepreneur in Residence and Lead Mentor to define what would make the biggest difference to your company’s growth trajectory. This might be capital, customers, talent or leadership. On top of that, we know that it takes funding to explore new markets, so every company that enters the program will receive investment
Who is this for?
We understand that climate tech founders are doing three hard things: creating innovation, building a business and solving climate problems.
The GGP is for Australian climate tech founders who have strong growth potential and are interested in launching to global markets. Startups may tackle any sector of climate tech, including adaptation and mitigation. Hardware companies and founders of diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.
Are there any specific industries that the GGP focusses on?
The GGP does not focus on a specific industry within climate tech. We support all climate tech sectors and tech types, including hardware.  The GGP is for Australian climate tech founders who want to shift the needle on climate change and are globally ambitious.

If you have a high potential, scaleable tech-based climate solution, a growing team and want to take your new technology to global markets, we want to hear from you.
How long does the GGP last?
The GGP is a deliberately longer program compared to typical accelerators. This length is because we know climate tech is hard - and over the nine months you will have meaningful support to help shorten the typically long sales cycles of climate tech and give you real business results. You and your Lead Mentor will structure your GGP into three month sprints, each targeting a specific business need, to ensure strong engagement and direction throughout the program.
What value can the Program give to my business?
All applicants who progress to the interview round will be invited to a deep dive mentor session, where you will work with a GGP lead mentor or EIR to create a business canvas map. Once accepted into the cohort, you will work with your lead mentor and other specialist mentors to solve challenges specific to your business and unlock your next stage of growth:
  • Potential customer introductions
  • Strategic and practical advice on entering new markets
  • Mentoring on hiring and retaining talent
  • We are planning to make investment available for companies within the cohort.
Climate Salad is partnering with LaunchVic to give Victorian founders further tailored support throughout the GGP. More information about this will be released soon.
How time-intensive is the Program?
We recognise that your number one priority is running and growing a successful business, and we have deliberately designed the GGP to complement your day-to-day operations, not disrupt them.The 9 month GGP has no set curriculum. You and your mentors will work towards your goals in three month sprints, and you will be able to access specialised mentor advice and workshops as needed. To maximise the value you get from the GGP, you and your lead mentor will organise regular meetings in a cadence that works best for you.
Is there a cost to the Program?
There is no cost involved in this program. We are founders first, and don't believe that charging founders is the best way to run a program like this. It is free to apply and being in the cohort is at no cost to you.
Will you run other cohorts?
Yes, we plan to run later cohorts but if you are interested in Cohort 1 we strongly encourage you to submit an EOI now, or keep an eye out for when applications open.
What is the application process like?
Full applications for the GGP begin with an application form where you will include details about your venture such as stage, sector, long-term business strategy and financial information.
Shortlisted companies will then be invited to participate in a deep dive session with a lead mentor or EIR. This deep dive is designed as a two-way exchange of value. You will design a business canvas map with the mentor to strategise the year ahead, while we get to know you and your business.

You can submit an EOI for the GGP now to get updates on the program and be notified when applications open.
What is climate tech?
Defining climate tech is not simple or clear cut. Traditional cleantech solutions typically focus on renewable energy and ‘environmentally friendly’ resourcing, and the focus of many climate conversations centres around reducing our Greenhouse Gas (GHGs) emissions. However, climate tech must also include solutions which help us build resilience and adapt to our changing environment.Climate Salad defines climate tech as a scalable tech-enabled solution for the climate crisis, by:
  • Directly reducing, avoiding or removing emissions, or enabling others to do so
  • Directly mitigating the effects of or adapting to a changing climate, or enabling others to do so
This definition is deliberately broad, partly because the industry is young and evolving rapidly, but also to ensure we are supporting as many climate solutions as possible.
What is Climate Salad?
Climate Salad is a community of over 400 climate tech startups and 800 entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, researchers, corporates, governments and supporters.

Our 2030 mission is to help 1,000 climate tech companies and have at least 10 become global successes. We do this by helping companies build a team, get customers and find investors.We do that through community peer-to-peer support, workshops, mentoring, tools, content, events, showcases and programs to help climate tech companies go global.

If we can help just one company succeed, help one company go faster, help one company be bigger, we've hopefully done something useful to help humanity.

After all, these companies are doing three very hard things at once - creating innovation, solving climate problems and running a profitable company.
How can I join Climate Salad?
If you are an Australian climate tech founder, investor, mentor or ecosystem supporter we’d love to hear from you. More information on joining can be found on our website here:

Expressions of Interest Open Now

We are looking for ambitious climate tech founders who are currently, or plan to, expand their ventures to international markets.

If you'd like to be notified as soon as applications open, submit an EOI here.

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Why choose Climate Salad's GGP?

Our team, mentors and investors understand the unique challenges that come with scaling a climate tech business and we're here to help.

We're 100% focussed on climate solutions and know that climate technology is different from normal tech. It is often deep tech, may be hardware, and can be complicated and messy. It can require consumer behaviour change and new measurement protocols. It also needs to get to scale fast in order to avert the climate crisis. It needs a new approach.

This is why we have designed a program that favours prolonged support centred around high-value mentorship. This allows us to spend more time together working on issues that will make a tangible impact on your business growth, like business development.

What's the structure of the GGP?

The GGP is a nine month program with no set curriculum. The entire program focusses on tailored coaching and mentoring based on your venture's specific needs. Alongside a cohort of likeminded peers, you will work with your Entrepreneur in Residence and Lead Mentor to define what will make a difference to your company's growth trajectory. This may be capital, customers, talent or leadership. Additionally, we know that it takes funding to explore new markets, so every company that enters the program will receive investment.

Applying for the GGP

Applications will open in March 2023. We encourage you to submit an expression of interest if you want to be among the first notified when applications open.

We are also continually growing our mentor community. If you would like to express interest in becoming a mentor with Climate Salad, please submit a form below.

GGP Focus Areas


Customers are core to the success of your business. They prove that your solution addresses a real need, and are key to achieving sustainable, scalable and profitable growth. The GGP has a strong focus on business development and customer success.

Global Ambitions

Launching successfully in big global markets is key to having an outsized climate impact. The GGP will equip you with the knowledge and connections needed to determine and realise your first few steps in your venture's global growth journey.


Your team is your biggest asset. The best talent can help you grow faster, better and stronger. Attracting and retaining a diverse, agile team is essential to scaling your business.


Building community is a powerful way to access valuable information, resources and opportunities, or just get moral support. A key focus of the GGP is to equip ventures with a strong and supportive network of peers and experts.


Capital raising can be a long and arduous process. With over 30 years of combined cap raising knowledge within the Climate Salad team, the GGP can support your capital raising efforts and make the process easier through sharing effective strategies.


We care about meaningful solutions to climate change as much as you do and we understand that building an impact business can be challenging. The GGP can support you in better understanding and communicating your impact.

Climate Salad Vision and Mission

Climate Salad massively contributes to climate action by helping companies building products to solve climate challenges to get connected to customers, talent, and investors.
By 2030, Climate Salad will have significantly impacted 1,000 climate tech companies by getting them a customer, a team member or an investor

Our Partners

We have some incredible funding and support partners across Australia