Climate Tech Keynote Speech

Mick Liubinskas, CEO and co-founder of Climate Salad, is a climate tech activator and investor


He co-founded Climate Salad to help build climate-focused startups and help the world get to and beyond net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Climate Salad is Australia's largest network of climate tech entrepreneurs, investors and mentors.

Mick has helped build 100’s of tech companies with Pollenizer, Startmate, muru-D, Austrade in San Francisco and Stanford's School.

Talking Points

- Climate hope
- The climate technology opportunity
- Climate action
- Workshops

- Business
  CEO and company directors
- Innovation
  Science and technology
- Politics and advocacy
   Environment and climate change

"We can turn climate fear and apathy into hope and action"

Current Work:
In 2022 Mick helped develop the Climate Tech Industry Report, the first-ever in-depth analysis of the Australian and New Zealand climate tech industry, and the Climate Landscape Report which includes global data, taxonomy and top 1,000 climate tech companies Climate Tech Investments.

He is actively involved with a number of Climate Tech projects including:
- Ripe Robotics: using computer vision, AI and robotics to reduce the billions of dollars of food wasted at farms each year.
- Cecil Earth: unlocking the carbon value of millions of hectares of nature - EnergyLab - climate and clean technology-focused accelerator
- Startmate: a technology accelerator with a big climate tech focus
- As well as, Phoenix Hydrogen, Akua, Spira, Elio, Tynt, Alga Biosciences

Previous Experiences:
Mick programmed his Commodore 64 at age 8, sold computer networks at age 17, raised capital for a business at 22 and ran marketing globally for Kazaa at 26. For the past 18 years he has co-founded 4 technology startup companies, including three years in San Francisco. This has included evaluating 1,000’s of ideas, building first products, getting first customers, launching globally, raising capital, closing businesses, selling businesses and all the emotional rollercoaster rides in between.

In 2017 he wrote a novel to inspire teenage girls into the world of STEM, called She’s Building A Robot. It is accompanied by a series of interviews with women with careers in robotics, technology, science and maths.

Mick was the co-founder of Pollenizer which started 25 companies. He was also a co-founding investor and mentor at Startmate (co-founding investor and mentor) and Spreets which sold to Yahoo for ~$40m in 13 months.

He was also the co-founder of muru-D - Telstra’s tech accelerator which invested in 200 businesses across Australia and South East Asia and ASX listed Wooboard.Mick is known as Mr Focus due to his strong drive for starting small and fast, doing fast testing on the road to success and avoiding entrepreneurial distractions. He, Phil and the team from Pollenizer wrote a workbook called Startup Focus which sold 5,000 copies. He also loves being a dad, surfing, playing football (the round ball variety) and singing bad karaoke.

"Mick is an absolute legend of the Australian startup scene. In Sydney, he is the gold standard for business advice. On a world scale, I dare say he stacks up pretty damn well too. His advice has helped many, many businesses - including my own. On quite a number of occasions, his pearls of wisdom dropped over a coffee have forced me to go back and rethink how we do business. That's true value."
- Mike Cannon-Brookes, Atlassian CEO

"Mick Liubinskas is a passionate and authentic public speaker who really engages with his audience. He is an experienced innovation leader with a particular focus on climate tech and always brings the content to life with practical stories and case studies, that challenge us all to take better care of our planet"
- Tech Central

"Mick Liubinskas is an engaging speaker who has a strong presence. He is an Australian leader in climate tech and brings the content to life with practical stories and case studies."
- Stanford dSchool

"I can't say enough good stuff about Mick; He sees the big picture and enjoys rolling up his sleeves and moving towards it. He's a true motivator and his excitement is infectious."
- VM Ware

"I’ve had the privilege to hear Mick Liubinskas speak publicly on multiple occasions and each time he has been inspirational and knowledgeable about entrepreneurship and climate tech. His mix of personal experience and a genuine desire to help turn Australia into a climate tech global leader makes him a great guest for an event."
- William Buck Accounting

"Mick Liubinskas is a talented speaker who really engages the audience. He is an Australian leader in climate tech and brings the content to life with practical stories and case studies."

"In October 2018 when I was Chapter Learning Chair, I tracked down Mick to run a workshop for our members (and family) called 'The 4-hour Startup.' It was a highly engaging session that allowed our EO Kids to get stuck in and tap into their entrepreneurial talents. I would highly recommend his workshop to other EO chapters!"
- Entrepreneurs' Organization

Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash

Climate Salad Vision and Mission

Climate Salad massively contributes to climate action by helping companies building products to solve climate challenges to get connected to customers, talent, and investors.
By 2030, Climate Salad will have significantly impacted 1,000 climate tech companies by getting them a customer, a team member or an investor